Design and Features

    E-Wave -1 furnished with an impressive body structure. Front profile of this two-wheeler is emphasised by a fashionable headlamp along with turn blinkers mounted on the apron. However, it's smooth and long seat isn’t that well-padded but still provides good comfort to the rider as well as pillion. Apart from this, it is equipped with rear grab rail which ensures the safety of pillion in the condition of sudden braking. The rear fascia comes with a decent tail lamp unit incorporated with turn blinkers.

Engine and Performance

    This two-wheeler is equipped with BLDC electric motor which gets its power from a 48V, 33Ah battery. The company loaded it with an automatic transmission system which can be charged simply by multistage IC charger. This electric scooter is configured with two different modes of riding i.e. power and economy. The two different modes of riding provide a range of 65kms and 80kms respectively, per fuel charge.

Safety and Features

    Active Electric E-Wave-1 is equipped with a muscular and shining headlight at the front fascia which provides the steady and bright beam in the dark. The twin rear view mirrors keep the rider well aware of his surroundings, which reduces the chances of the accident. The manufacturer offers it with an optional puncture resistant tube as well for safety and convenience of the rider. Apart from this, an anti-theft alarm has also been equipped with this electric scooter which gets activated in case of any mishap.

Why Active Electric's E-wave-1 ?

E-wave 1 is a new low-speed electric scooter has been launched in India.

E-wave 1 will available with 1-year motor and 2+1 year battery warranty.

The electric scooter gets an One push start function, Handle lock function, Auto motor lock function Stylish Digital speedometer, Removable battery, Mobile charging function, Central locking System optional, Led head lights USB port for mobile charging optional , Large boot space, Revers option, ON-OFF switch Key less entry, Antitheft alarm, GPS optional, Vehicle remote with extra features.

It is a low-speed scooter which means the speed is limited to 25 km/hr and it has a claimed range of about 60km between charges.

E-wave 1 is powered by Lithium-ion phosphate portable battery that comes with what the manufacturer calls Anti-Theft Mechanism 'which makes the battery get locked inside, ensuring safety from theft and damage.'

The charging time for the battery is 2-3 hours and the scooter also features regenerative breaking.